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       turnkey.  We can also bring years of 
       successful experience to other areas
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       development to publicity to print
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Services that say, "Yes, you can."

At, we have one message for small to mid-size businesses: "Yes, you can."  You CAN set your business apart from your competition. You CAN grow your business. You CAN compete with bigger companies.  You CAN build better business relationships with your customers and prospects, using new marketing tools and more traditional methods.  You CAN get just the help you need, and you CAN afford it.

Social Media Management

One of the biggest problems companies have with social media marketing is the time that it involves. Updating and managing several social marketing channels is streamlined with the platform, but you may still want help. We can also provide content development and campaign monitoring, saving time and optimizing performance. Learn more.

Public Relations/Publicity can write press releases that create buzz about your business, increase online visibility and drive Web traffic to your site. We can distribute your release to every major search engine and news site, plus our extensive targetable database of print and broadcast journalists. You'll also get tracking and analytics that detail the impact of your release. Try it now!


Video is the most popular content on the Web today.  Your customers would rather see and hear your product or service explained than to read about it. You can make your own videos, of course, but if that's not your style, the award-winning writers and producers at can help you with concepting, scripting, editing or full turn-key video production.
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Creative Development

When words and visuals come together to create a compelling message for your print or interactive ads, you greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The creative team at has developed powerful, award-winning advertising for everything from iced tea to ground rods. We can help you build your brand and drive more sales.
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Print Collateral

Professionally designed and produced catalogs, brochures and sell sheets are absolute necessities for some companies. Our designers are experts at creating print collateral that sells for all kinds of products and services. Another option is economical "stock" literature templates that can be customized to meet your needs. also provides free printing quotes from top-quality, low-cost printers across the US.  Get a quote today. There's no obligation.

Ad Placement Planning And Execution
Every magazine, newspaper, Web site and broadcast rep can tell you why you should be spending money in their medium. Facebook and Google also have new advertising opportunities that not everyone is aware of. If your marketing plans include a substantial portion of paid media advertising, we recommend having a professional plan, negotiate and execute the buy. You'll save money and get better results. Let's talk about it, free of charge.

Web Site Design
For many marketers, especially B2B companies, the Web site is still the hub of the marketing wheel. It is on your website that you have to opportunity to fully tell your story in your words, explain all your products and services, and set your company apart from the competition.  The team at has been building Web sites since 1996. Last year, we were named Best of North Carolina by the Business Marketing Association.  Let us create - or recreate - a site for your company that you can be proud of, that will be easy to update and that can grow along with your needs. Get a free consultation. Contact us now!